Our Commitment to Safe Stays


We have always been committed to providing clean and spotless rooms as the hallmark of our great guest experience. The products we use are on the American Chemistry Council list as products effective against Covid-19. Products used to clean and in the laundry include germicidal ultra bleach, pine multi-purpose cleaner, chloride dioxide, Lysol, vinegar and peroxide. These products are used in strict accordance with the safety and diluting instructions for the safety of both staff and guests.

All guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and remain unoccupied at least 24 hours with windows open for ventilation before the next (s) guest arrives. Each room comes with disinfectant wipes for guest to use for their comfort. In addition, each room comes with air purifier pack to keep the air clean. We have you covered. Book with confidence.

Ready for your vacation at Alicia's Inn! Fill out the EHAS form and bring your PCR test with negative results maximum 120* hours before arrival. (*updated Sept 16, 2020) Ensure to carefully read and comply with all entry requirements. You are ready to pack your swimming suit and sun screen. Still have questions? Reach out to us on Whatsapp at+1(721)586 1522 or info@aliciasinn.com. We are here to help you. For our incoming guests who experience challenges please reach-out to us and we will work to resolve any issues with the pre-approval by contacting the local health department. From our experience with other guests our recommendation is to upload your test on time and ensure that the negative result is clearly show. 

Special Note: As per January 1, 2021 there will be a new travel insurance required for entry. Read all the details at www.sxmprotectionplan.com.

Return Flight Tests: For those guests who need to get tested for their return flight you can schedule this at the SLS Lab by clicking the link.