How the home at Backstreet 42 became Alicia's Inn?

 Auntie Alicia was a very caring and innovative person; actually quite good at marketing. Our auntie tried a variety of businesses that generated value for her customers and herself. As example, she sold eggs as  a business; she sold half boxes of eggs and always added an extra egg or two, as too encourage customers to return. By doing this simple act of kindness, she knew that this would create repeat customers and retain them, instead of buying from a competitor.

Auntie Alicia was well known in the community for selling eggs, chickens and baked goods, such as coconut drops, tarts, cakes, potato pudding and much more. Similar to the strategy with the sale of eggs, smaller size coconut drops were made, as tasters/gifts. Of course, all customers love to be pampered and feel special; here customer retention was also achieved with these sweet tooth items.

Before coming to St. Maarten, Auntie Alicia and her husband Bobo lived on the island of Aruba, where she maintained her entrepreneurial activities in the town of Brazil. Auntie Alicia was an active Methodist member and a Sunday school teacher of the Methodist church in Brazil, Aruba.  Once again, she became known for conducting bake sales for the church at their fundraising soiree.

She was very frugal with the sale of some products, such as sugar cane. She was the only one appointed by the church to sell the sugar cane as she was be very conservative and cut the cane in small pieces. This would provide to more people. Auntie Alicia always strived to improve in all aspects of her life. Aunt Alicia learned from the books in her personal library. She believed that you had to help yourself. She had no time for ideal talk or gossip. If she told you she would do something for you,  you can depend on her.

If she had to do something for herself and you came along and ask for help, she would help you first. She was very involved in her Methodist church until she passed away on 21 January 1975 from complications of pneumonia. Alicia's Inn stands on the exact place where aunt Alicia's house was. As a testament to her handwork and commitment to excellence we named the inn after her. Legacy lives on today through family especially her niece Jeanina who manages Alicia's Inn.